Photogra-V is husband and wife operated photography studio in Santa Cruz County. We have had years of photographic success with dogs, dog families and dog businesses. We are passionate about decorating your home walls and business hallways with your creations. From shoot to finish we aim to make our time together a relaxing and happy experience.

Meet the Team!

Victor Martinez

Hey, call me Vic! I am a portrait photographer and dog content creator. I have photographed hundreds of dogs yet I still haven't scratched that itch. My work has been featured in the Half Moon Bay Review and in San Mateo County/Silicon Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau catalogs for dog parks around the Bay Area. I have partnered and worked alongside well known dog rescue agencies, including San Francisco SPCA and Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter.

My creative drive and passion for photography is as strong as my love and respect for canines large and small. I believe that a dog should sleep on your bed if they choose to. Sit on your couches during family time. Even wear our clothes when they're cold. Our dogs deserve to be recorded in our family albums and decorate our walls with thier beautiful faces. What can I say? I have a dog loving family and I grew up that way.

When I am not out taking photos I am at home relaxing with my family and catching up with friends. I enjoy hiking, traveling, board games, and learning a new bread recipe.

Deanna Martinez

Hi! Nice to meet you! I grew up on the California coast in beautiful Montara. I love to go out hiking in the forests and sit at the beaches and enjoy the foggy ocean scenery. I am a nature lover and have always had a soft spot for all sorts of animals but dogs have always held a special place in my heart.

I assist Victor in our photographic journey together by doing a lot of the work behind the scenes. I am Manager/Creative Director/Dog Wrangler and much more. Victor and I work together to plan your shoot and guide you through the whole process of creating your vision. I strive to make our time together a fun and unique experience.

Victor and Deanna Martinez, Owners of Photogra-V.

How It All Began...

Our passion for dog photography started in 2012 when we adopted our dog Odin. Immediately we fell in love. With his adorable little paws to his big, goofy, sandy face he gets when playing ball at the beach. We wanted to capture everything we could, every moment doing what he loves.

After collecting enough photos for ourselves our passion grew to wanting to be able to give what we loved to others. We want more people to have access to those little moments. Captured to treasure forever. Dogs are simple creatures and that's what we love most about them. They become our best friends, our saviors, our healers. We choose to celebrate dogs as they are often the greatest gift in our life. In the words of Roger A, Caras, "Dogs may not be our whole life, but they make our lives whole."

Smiling dog playing with a ball on the beach.

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