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We offer a variety of photographic sessions for (mostly) canine loving humans. We also help other small pet businesses grow by providing photos for marketing.

Photo sessions are shot at a single location of your choosing. You will be provided with a private online gallery of retouched photos as well as a single 11”x14” print from the session. Get in touch and we'll work out the details.

P: 650-576-3566

Pack Mentality


If your family is usually covered in hair and fur, or has a spare rubber ball in the car, then we're the team for you. Our family sessions are usually an hour of playtime and usually it's 70% chatting about the dog and 30% chatting about the rest of the family. We totally get it. The strongest bonds are forged by families, especially families with a dog.

Beginning rate for families sized 3 - 6

Beginning at $475

Ode to Dog

This session is dedicated to the one that matters the most. Your best friend. For 30 minutes your good boy or girl will spend some time in front of the lens showing off their best side. Did we mention they'll be showered in treats? Who doesn't want some undivided playtime with a photographer?

Beginning at $200


Where are you and your pet companion at this point in your life? New start? Veteran sidekick? Let us spend an hour with you and your best friend to capture the love and excitement you feel when you’re together.

Beginning at $275

Puppy Love


Meant for couples celebrating something special in their life. You and your significant other will spend a romantic hour at a beautiful location. Sunsets are suggested for these sessions. We want to capture the subtle moments where "enamored" ends and "puppy love" begins.

Beginning at $300

Give the eGift of Photogra-V

Order a Photogra-V gift card, choose a value and a personalized image, then send it straight to someone's inbox. eGift cards can be used to purchase sessions, prints, or keepsakes. May be redeemed at any time.

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