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Thank you for taking the time to check out Photogra-V. In case you are wondering it is pronounced, "Fo-tah-grah-V." Now that we have that out of the way let me introduce myself.

My name is Victor. By the end of the shoot you’ll be calling me by my more common name, Vic. I grew up in the West, Texas city of El Paso. It is a creative city that encourages personality, individuality, and passion. These are three common themes I try to include in every photo shoot.

After leaving El Paso I moved to California and met my love, Deanna. Deanna is born and raised in the Bay Area. She was fortunate enough to live in Montara growing up and is very familiar with it’s hidden gems and history.

Join Deanna and I and we can show you a variety of photo shoot locations. From foggy beaches to lush green woods and we are willing to help you find the perfect location if you are not sure. A lot of the locations we know are also dog friendly!

All you need to bring is a smile and your best chew toy. Deanna and I can take care of the rest. We work together to make sure your time with us is fun and worry free. We strive to make sure you have a special time with us out in the field.

Let's have some fun,

Victor Martinez

"Victor and Deanna are a married duo that take incredible pictures of pets, people, and products! Victor's photography style is on point and Deanna's art direction is great! They work well together and this definitely shows in the pictures. It was a great time with them and I'm excited to use these photos. I would definitely recommend them." - William E. (Vibes Dog Supply)

"It was an awesome experience! Victor worked so well with Sarge, our foster pup! " - Nicole S.


"Thank you Victor for all the amazing photos of my dog! My boyfriend and I just got some pictures done of the two of us and my 4-year-old rescue dog Robbie in the Montara beach. Victor and his wife were very thoughtful to offer a photo shoot at the sunset time and patient with my dog taking many shots in different areas. Correspondence via email was timely too. I highly recommend Photogra-V. I love the service that I got, all of the photographs look great, I would love to give them more stars if I could :) " - Jihye L.

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